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The planner and organiser-boss



Doers and Dreamers in equal parts…

Two friends who’ve known each other a very long time decided to get together and make something of our shared values, hopes and aspirations; and of our passion for creative endeavours: 

Mariana: artist, illustrator, surface pattern designer, compulsive journal keeper and maker of to do lists. 

Marina: once-upon-a-time jewellery designer, obsessive home decor re-arranger, avid collector of beautiful pre-loved finds and hider of to do lists.

This marked the birth of Simply Imperfect Life and it has since been a glorious adventure …

While we fumble and explore in our less than tranquil way towards the ideal of living a “slow” and more consciously aware life, tending lovingly to the spaces we live in, the people in our lives, nature that surrounds us and changing step-by-baby-step towards having a more positive impact on everything around us, we gently remind ourselves to maintain a sense of balance, calm and, very importantly, humour … and of course, to be grateful for the simple pleasures in our daily lives.



The wanna-be artist-techie and bullet journaler.

Read about her here HERE and take a peek at her illustrations over at Floating Lemons Art.