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A treasure trove of pre-loved finds

27 November 2018

A treasure trove of pre-loved finds

by Marina

I am a self confessed second-hand “junkie” who delights in spending hours ambling through charity and vintage shops, antique stores, flea markets, you name it … anywhere that items, once cherished, now find themselves in need of appreciation in a new home.

My weekly blog for Simply Imperfect Life gives me a valid excuse to continue looking for hidden “treasures” wherever I happen to chance upon them. I feel utterly blessed. A dream come true …

Here are some of my favourites that have found their way into my home, photographed on the black and white tiles of my hallway.


It always amazes me what awaits me out there. Every one of these beauties has come from a different place in England. Fingers crossed, I’ll be sent on a “ceramic finding mission” soon. I look forward to sharing my discoveries with you. Until then, keep smiling! It’s contagious.