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Hot and Spicy Chillies on Organic Cotton T-shirts and Skirts!

17 September 2019

Hot and Spicy Chillies on Organic Cotton T-shirts and Skirts!

by Mariana

The Hot and Spicy watercolour chillies design looked so good on the t-shirt by DocCotton that I just had to add the version on a black background to t-shirts and skirts as well! I love receiving their samples, it feels a bit like getting a special birthday box full of lovely clothing.

The magical bonus is that they’re all handmade, of 100% organic cotton, which fits in perfectly with my desire to embrace a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle — my small contribution to changing our world, bit by bit. Here’s a peek at what arrived in the last shipment …

I have to get my act together and get some photos done to show the clothes off, but hey I managed to get a couple polished and dusted, so the Hot & Spicy Chillies Black T-shirt and Skirt are now up for you to purchase at: Mariana Black Designs.

Have a peek and tell me if you think they’re as fun, and gorgeous, as I do … I say that while filled with both pride and humility at the same time!

Casual and fun and yet elegant enough to be taken out for dinner if it’s dressed up with a classic jacket, black skirt and heels … or, worn with the matching skirt, below!

Loads more goodies coming up as I slowly sort through my art and create patterns that I think will be just right for the DocCotton line. If you like any one of my designs and would like to see it on one of their pieces please do get in touch with me at mariana@marianablack.com!

Meanwhile do pop over to the shop to browse and enjoy not just my pieces but those of their other remarkably talented designers, via my store at: DocCotton. Enjoy your day!