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No Mistakes: Citrus Book Bindery Journal

29 November 2018

No Mistakes: Citrus Book Bindery Journal

by Mariana

No Mistakes 1 by floatinglemonsart.jpg

While I work on planning my December bullet journal theme (i.e. I still have no idea of what I’ll be doing!), I thought I’d post the illustration I painted a while back in my Lay-Flat French Bound Journal from Citrus Book Bindery. I love the quote, it’s another one that applies so perfectly to the way I’m viewing life at present.

All mistakes teach us something. So there are in reality, no mistakes. Just things we learn.
— Nikki Giovanni
No Mistakes 2 by floatinglemonsart.jpg
No Mistakes 3 by floatinglemonsart.jpg

My new journal? I posted a few pages from it way back in August: Birds and Leaves Prep Sketches, and I’ll post a few more painted doodles soon, but I have to add here that it’s wonderful! Beautifully thick and lovely to hold, and perfect—I chose the option of thick paper for watercolour—in which to paint and prep ideas for the bullet journal or just as inspiration for future pieces. Take a look:


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I found the quote by Nikki Giovanni in an inspirational book, In The Company of Women by Grace Bonney, which you can find over at Amazon UK or USA. The kindle versions are also available at the UK and USA sites but honestly, this is the kind of satisfying book you want to hold in your hands and examine closely page by page, it’s gorgeous and wonderfully inspiring.