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Birds & Leaves - September Week 1

Birds & Leaves - September Week 1

2 September 2018


I'd have waited till all the weekly spreads were completed before posting tham, but I liked this one so much that I had to get it out first ... it was such a joy to create! I layered the watercolour, waiting patiently for one layer to dry before applying the next, and really like the way it turned out ... oh, did I say I was going to work on simple spreads for September? oops. I guess things don't always go to plan, even in the planner!


Confession: the spread for the second week isn't going according to the 'simple' plan either! That's fine, I've decided to 'wing it' (pun intended, unfortunately) and just go with this lovely flow. I'm now off to pick up the paints and continue ... This is fun! Cheers.


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